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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 19, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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camera. that is our broadcast for tonight. audio and video. thank you for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. this has been a very, very challenging experience for all of us. it's pretty obvious we don't have 50 members who can agree on a replacement. a lot of people have been involved in discussions, very passionate discussions. but everybody's given it their best shot. and as of today, we just simply do not have 50 senators who can agree on what ought to replace the existing law. this morning, another health care blow to mitch mcconnell. he didn't have the votes but the senate majority leader is still planning to move ahead with a plan to repeal obamacare without a replacement. plus, another meeting
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between president trump and vladimir putin. the white house confirms that the two leaders met for a second time during the g20 summit. and an officer says north korea's latest missile launch shows the regime has the ability to reach the u.s., but lacks accuracy. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday july 19th, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. well this morning the republican-led effort to overhaul obamacare seems on the verge of collapse. mitch mcconnell's late itch pitch to repeal the health care bill without replacement is already being met with resistance. senators susan collins and mccafferty also have come out against that. and rob portman from ohio also saying in part, i don't think it's appropriate just to repeal. we've also got to put a
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replacement in place. despite those concerns, mcconnell said the party will move forward with the plan. >> at the request of the president and vice president, after consulting with our members, we'll have the vote on the motion to proceed to the obamacare repeal bill early next week. >> recent polling shows the various plans put out by house and senate republicans have been widely unpopular. in fact, a monmouth university national poll shows only 27% approved now dead senate health care bill that was introduced last week. in an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, only 12% of voters support the gop health care bill. in fact, here's senator lindsey graham on his efforts to revamp the health care. >> would you like to see more from the president on this? >> you know, i -- i'd like to see a bill that people actually liked. i got to go. >> the president has invited all republican senators to the white house today for lunch to discuss
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more. yesterday, he appeared ready to move on after the failure to advance a repeal and replace brand. he tweeted out, as i have always said, let obamacare fail and then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. and he bemoaned the senate itself, the senate and house needed more victories since dems totally obstruction, no vote. even parts of full repeal need 60. eight dems control senate. crazy. but the current health care bill is being considered under reconsideration and that only requires 51 votes to pass. the president told the press later in the day he was disappointed at losing four republican votes and frustrated with democrats. >> i'm certainly disappointed for seven years i've been hearing repeal and replace from
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congress. i've been hearing it loud and strong. and when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace, they don't take advantage of it. i would say i'm disappointed in what took place. it will go on. and we'll win we're going to win on taxing and infrastructure and other things we're doing. we had 52 people. we have no democrat support which is really something that should have been said. we should have had democrats vote. it's a great plan for a lot of people. we had no democrats. 52 people, four nos. essentially the vote would have been pretty close to the way you luke at it 48 to 4. that's a pretty impressive vote by any standard. and yet you have a vote of 48 to 4 or something like that. and you need more -- that's pretty tough. so the way i look at it is, in 18, we're going to have to get more people elected. we have to go out and get more people elected that are
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republican. and we have to probably pull in those few people that voted against it. i don't know, they're going to have to explain to you why they did. and i'm sure they'll have fine reasons. but we have to get more republicans elected. it would be nice to have democrat support. but really, they're obstructionists. they have no ideas. they have no thought process. all they want to do is obstruct government and obstruct period. >> and while the trump administration has been in congress for the lack of the health care, speaker paul ryan saying the house has done its part. >> president trump and i fully support the majority leader's decision and move forward with a bill that just repeals obamacare. and gives congress time as the president said to work on a new health care plan that will start with a clean slate. inaction is not an option. congress needs to step up. congress needs to do their job and congress needs to do their
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job now. >> i think the thing that's dead here is obamacare. i think we've seen that it's completely failed. and at this point, congress needs to do their job. and they need to do it as quickly as they can. because every day that they don't, we go farther into collapsing under obamacare. so, i think at this point, inaction is not a workable solution. and so, they need to come to the table and figure out how to reform the system and fix it. >> we've done this in the house. we've passed our simultaneous repeal and replace bill. we think that's the solution. we think that's the best way to go. we're just going to have to bait and figure out how to get the bill passed. get something passed. >> joining us now the white house correspondent, good to have you with us. when president obama was selling his health care plan a couple years ago, he toured the country. there was some concern that we
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didn't see that from this administration. did you get the sense at the white house that they left this all out on the floor when 93 were trying to sell this? or did they kind of leave this over to the senate for the selling? >> well, the sense i got at the white house, they gauge it the old college try. you saw vice president press and reince priebus and others go to capitol hill to try to push this to the senate. but, yes, president trump was mostly on the sideline. that was at the request of the leaders senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his colleagues wanted room to do this himself. >> let's look a little bit ahead to what we're expecting today. obviously, a meeting or lunch that the president is hosting with republican senators. you know, the last time they were back together at the white house. the seating arrangement, susan collins, lisa mccaskey sitting next to the president they're likely to come out and
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vote no against this idea of getting rid of obamacare without a replacement. it was reportedly back then a tense meeting. give us a sense what you're expecting to see. you had people like dean haller with ads run against him. what do you expect the temperature in the room to be like today? >> well, i think it's certainly going to be tense, aimman. there there's a lot of recriminations about who's to blame for this. i think president trump wants to get some agreement here. the senate pushed back on the vote on the option to give the president a little more time. but look, health care isn't the only thing on the agenda here. these senator it's and the white house have to find a path forward on the relevant of their agenda. tax reform and infrastructure. i imagine those topics will come up this afternoon. >> and of course, the most important, probably the biggest giveaway is a look at what the seating arrangement looks like.
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jordan fabian, thanks for joining us. this morning, we're learning of a previously undisclosed one-on-one meeting with president trump and vladimir putin earlier this month in hamburg, germany. the white house confirms that trump got up to a place to speak with the leader. one said he spoke to putin an and spoke for about an hour with an interpreter translating for both. putin and trump had spent over two hours in a bilateral meeting earlier that day. there's no official readout of the second meeting because no american official other than the president was involved. that was a cause for concern from the intelligence house ranking member adam schiff. >> the president may have betrayed, and i don't mean in terms of the country betrayed his true interests, what his
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redline might be in getting back russian properties. we have no idea what was discussed. but we do know it was a long meeting. and it was a private meeting where only putin had someone there to confirm what was being discussed. >> and details emerge after ian bremmer of the group disclosed it earlier this week. bremer had heard from attendees that found it odd that trump gravitated towards putin at a dinner that included some of america's oldest and staunchest allies. officials indicate that trump spoke to many during the meeting. and he went over to first lady melania trump where they spoke with the president. the white house claims the two presidents had spoken through the kremlin's interpreter because the american translator with trump did not speak russian. president trump acted with anger calling the report sick insisting the press knew.
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and, quote, even a dinner arranged for top-20 leaders in germany is made to look sinister. we'll have more on this story as ian bremmer joining the table at morni morning joe. in addition to serving two terms as governor, huntsman previously served as ambassador to china under president obama and ambassador to singapore under george h.w. bush. way back in 2012 after huntsman dropped his campaign for president trump criticized the became tweeting jon huntman called to see me. i said no. he gave away our country to decline dma. huntsman endorsed trump, but called him to drop out after the infamous "access hollywood"
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tape. hunts first name jon is actually misspelled. still ahead, sanctions after the trump administration recertificated the country's nuclear deal. plus, what new jersey's governor chris christie did last night that got him booed by quite a large crowd. those stories and a check on weather. stay with us. [music playing] across the country, we walk.
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. welcome back, everyone. into the ongoing tensions in the caribbean peninsula. yesterday during a senate armed services hearing the second-ranked military officer said north korea's recent test of an icbm show they clearly have the capability to reach the united states but added this reservation. >> i, however, am not saying that the test on the fourth of july demonstrates that they have the capacity to strike the united states with any degree of accuracy. or reasonable confidence of success.
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what the experts tell me is that north koreans have yet to demonstrate the capacity to do the guidance and control that they would be required. >> on monday, south korea's proposal the military humanitarian talks with north korea which would be the first since 2015. one day after recertifying that iran was in compliance with the iran nuclear deal, the trump administration levied new sanctions against iran. the new sanctions are not related to iran's nuclear ability but its ballistic missile program that undercuts any contributions from the land deal. joining us live from the bureau. great to have you with us. the sanctions coming outside of iran on the new sanctions is probably not well? >> no ayman, it went down like a lead balloon. so much so that it prompted iran
2:17 am
to say they're even pulling out of the nuclear deal altogether. now, the focus of the sanctions is using the revolutionary and those supporting them. whether procurement of hardware from anything to drones to faster boats to ballistic missiles. as well as they said u.s. and western software programs. in a statement, the treasury department said this administration will continue to aggressively target iran's maligned activities including their ongoing support of terrorism, ballistic rights and they will also continue to pressure and target. they did, however, stop short of designating the revolutionary guard as a trim organization which would have considerably upped the stakes. a day before the new sanctions were imposed a senior warned if iran poses new sanctions, if the guard were designated as a
2:18 am
terrorism organization it would pose a massive rink to america and its bases around the region. last time, the foreign minister ry and iran's foreign ministers also plain that america's violating the terms of the deal. they've called for a meeting in vee yenia between the p5+1 tomorrow. we'll see what comes out of that deal. >> and we'll wait another 90 days to see if the u.s. will certify that nuclear compliance. ali arouzi live in london for us, thank you. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, the summer heat wave is upon us. >> yeah, we're all in this together from boise, idaho to boston and everywhere in between. when we talk about excessive heat warnings from st. louis, kansas city and omaha, that's
2:19 am
where the warmest will be. from memphis to shreveport now even new york city is included. 96 degrees today. that's not bad, considering st. louis is 104. when i show you all of these numbers, remember that the temperature is taken at a box usually around the airports in the country in the shade. if you're isun, it's a lot worse. one of the dangers, the cars, pets and children left in cars. we've already had a number of fatalities with kids in cars. keep that as a reminder as you go throughout the day. houston, 94. it gets worse than that on thursday. hundreds across the board from the south all way to the mid-atlantic. what changes on friday, the humidity really goes up. areas like richmond could be near 100 degrees with a heat index of 109. that's really the hottest we've been in the mid-atlantic region. d.c. will be close to that. we're still just as hot in st. louis and omaha.
2:20 am
with the heat, it's a cumulative thing. the areas like cincinnati and kansas, you'll drop down to normal, boston, too but with still stay very hot from d.c. to the south. the pacific northwest gets the award. 77 and sunny in seattle sound goods. considering how hot it has been. >> and a cooler san francisco. >> yes. a pair of trades as baseball's pennant races he's up. and a souvenir for one lucky fan who also happens to be governor. we'll tell you next in sports. noo
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welcome back, time for sports and major league baseball with the third-placed yankees a surprised contender this season in making a run for the playoffs. new york has boltered its line up. third baseman tom frazier along with closer david robertson and right-handed reliever tommy kahnle. and blake rutherford, ian clarkin and tito polo. and the j.d. martinez with three prospects in detroit in change for that. and on the diamond, the tenth straight victory for the second time this season. after a pitch by clayton kershaw
2:24 am
helped l.a. to a win. at 65-29 the dodgers are on a 30-4 run. unbelievable. and in anaheim, the gnashes bryce harper and the angels square off in an mlb battle of superstars. as they trade home runs in the first inning but harper would have the last laugh going 4 for 4 in the game including a triple that allows him to score on the rbi single in the eighth inning. the nats beat the angels 4-3. a long night in boston as yesterday's game of red sox and blue jays wrap up following a rain delay and a 15 inning marathon. >> right out of the gate, a line drive, there she goes! and we can go home. >> hanley ramirez tucks toronto into bed sending a walkoff homer out to left field.
2:25 am
finally in queens, new jersey governor chris christie made a surprise tv appearance during last night's mets game against the cardinals. take a look at this. >> 3-2, it's popped up. rivera giving a look at it. and a souvenir for chris christie. are you kidding me. how about that. we just noticed him. and what do you know, he gets the ball. left-handed catch. >> reaction was a little mixed there what sounds like the dismay of new york fans. christie makes a left-handed snag off of a foul ball in his seat. >> an impressive catch from chris christie. very controlled. i wonder if he would give it away to a kid in the stands or something. also, he had some impressive seats. i wonder how the governor managed to score those. still ahead, with health
2:26 am
care falling flat in the country governors around the country are weighing in on what to do next. plus, a new battle could be brewing for lawmakers. the house has unveiled a budget blueprint. but will that stall in congress too? that's coming up. stay with us. nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah! so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you.
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♪ welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. let's get the morning's top stories for you.
2:30 am
we're learning of a second previously undisclosed one-on-one meeting with president trump and president vladimir putin. the white house confirmed that trump got up from his place to speak with putin at a private dinner for leaders and their spouses. one account at the meeting said trump approached putin alone and they spoke for about an hour. now, the dinner was included on the public schedule shielded from the news media. president trump has formally nominated jon huntsman to be ambassador to russia. it was first reported back in march that trump was planning to happen huntsman for the position. huntsman previously served as ambassador to china under president obama and ambassador to singapore under george h.w. bush. and the trump administration has unveiled new sanctions against iran just one day after recertifying to congress that iran was in compliance with the terms of the iran nuclear deal. the new sanctions, though, are not related to iran's nuclear
2:31 am
activity but, rather, it's ballist iic missiles program. it undercuts any positive contributions from the landmark nuclear deal. now, back to health care with precious few legislative accomplishments, the president's ability to make deals is in question after the failure of health care reform. now, the president did not embark on major tours to sell the plan. it gave very little tours touting its virtues. yesterday, he told the press he was disappointed at the outcome and republicans who are poised to vote no. >> i'm sitting in the oval office right next door, pen in hand, waiting to sign something. and i'll be waiting. and eventually, we're going to get something done and it's going to be very good. >> and yet "the new york times" cites a staffer who said the president was, quote, growing bored in selling the bill. and there's some level of surprise that the white house
2:32 am
experienced as the bill fell apart. and that senators were expected to vote yes. >> i was surprised when the two folks came out last night. we thought they were in fairly good shape but they did. everybody has their own reasons. >> the president talked about france and bastille day. and he said that the president talked about loose as if trump, quote, sat down and went tout dinner with friends. and the "times" reports the president came off as fed up with the grind of publicing the legislation. expressing his aggravation at senator rand paul won't on the sunday political shows to actually trash the bill. now, as the senate moved towards a repeal only approach yesterday, a auburn group of 11 governors signed on to a statement rejecting efforts to end the law without a
2:33 am
simultaneous replacement plan. five republicans joining together, republican charlie baker of massachusetts and larry hogan of maryland. joe manchin of west virginia said he's arranged a bipartisan meeting of those in the senate. there are nine in all, three on republican side and six in the democratic caucus. mike brown said he would be attending the ming last night. another former governor lamar alexander of tennessee announce that's he will convene hearings of the senate house committee, all in search of ways to stabilize the insurance market, a sign that the process is moving to regular order, something his colleagues seem eager to do. >> a better approach to begin hearings focused on the problems in the aca, and let's try to get bipartisan support. >> the door to bipartisanship is open right now. not with appeal. but with an effort to improve
2:34 am
the existing system. >> my guess is, we're now headed toward normal committee activity that will take 60 votes on the floor. >> we're going to be here in august, working on bipartisan efforts so, stay tuned, we may have more news later on that. >> white house correspondent for the hill jordan fabian. good to have you back. yesterday, the president renewed his call to let obamacare fail. and the insurance industry pretty much in limbo. do you get a sense there could be a plan "b" if they don't vote next week since we've moved down so many plans already. >> ayman, one rule that the white house has not ruled off is cutting off the subsidy payments to insurance companies and that would skaus a lot of instability to individual insurance markets but if the president does intend to follow through on his stated
2:35 am
goal of letting obamacare fail. that's one thing he could do to help pace its demise. but he's been advised against that. i've heard that many of his add viers and congressmen and senators said that would be damaging. and hurt the voters who put him into office. so, stay tuned for any action on that in the coming days and weeks. >> we've heard that the president expressed disappointment with congress. talk to us about the toll this has taken on capitol hill, in particular speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. the fact that their unable to deliver his legislative win, particularly on something that republican has campaigned so aggressively against. is there a sense is that their experience and expertise has been tarnished here? >> certainly, ayman. this is something that republicans have promised to their voters for seven years, ever since obamacare became law. and the fact they weren't able to deliver on that is a major blow. president trump during the campaign promised demand repeal
2:36 am
on day one of his presidency. now, it looks like there's going to be something far short of that, look, people like paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, they were in the opposition for many years. they got accustomed to trying to grind president obama's agenda to a halt. this is a tough lesson in what it takes to govern as leaders. >> i get the sense that democrats are sitting back and watching this unfold, perhaps, with some delight this is not going through. going forward there's been some movement on the democrats to join the process. what role is there nor democrats goes forward on the health care issue? do they share any of the blame for where we are as a country in this? >> well, it's hard to say in this situation, with this specific bill that they deserve the blame. you know, republicans control both sides -- both sides of capitol hill and both sides of pennsylvania avenue. so, it's really hard to buy the white house's spin that somehow the democrats are to blame for the failing, especially when
2:37 am
they use that reconciliation threshold. but now, these talks are going on on a lower level. you have rank and file on the republican and democratic side about doing things to help stabilize the individual insurance markets. so, if they do decide to put skin in the game here and something does fail down the road, then, sure, you can blame democrats then. >> jordan fabian live in wash, thank you. republicans are looking to bounce back by turning their attention to tax reform but the inability to reach a deal may be a bad omen. yesterday, the house committee took the first step to overhaul the tax code by unveiling a $4 trillion dollar bill. but also features $200 million on mandatory spending cuts including those for the poor. that move could kwuns again divide conservative and moderate republicans. and congressional leaders may be in for another fight with the
2:38 am
white house. the plan states that an overhaul could not add to the deficit. but the trump administration it would be open to tax cuts and add to the deficit. investigators wrapping up their efforts as the eighth participant in the june 2016 gathering of officials and russians has been den fied. ike kaveladze confirmed he was in a meeting through an attorney. he was the subject of a federal report on foreign money laundrying through u.s. banks. he was asked to attend the meeting as a translators but, quote, he didn't even know what the topic of the meeting was about but nal he ned with natalia veselnitskaya an hour before ahead. he had been offered official
2:39 am
documents about hillary clinton on bafr of the russian government. the top democrat on the house intelligence dht said the alleged background of those involved could shape the investigation. >> you've got a russian lobbyist who has a history in lit zbags of dealing with people, russian hackers, who hacked derogatory information to achieve a litigation. and you now have another person in this, who has a history of opening bank accounts that the o auditor general thought might be used for money laundering. what the russians have not necessarily salacious stuff but the issue of money laundering with the trump organization, that is something that we need to determine. >> there are indications that robert mueller is investigating the meeting. an attorney for the agalarovs
2:40 am
have received a call. . and according to a ranking member, dianne feinstein. now at one time, chris christie was at the center of the trump campaign and transition team. in fact, he was with donald trump on june 9th last summer. the same day donald trump jr. took that fateful meeting with veselnitskaya. yesterday in an interview, christie said he knew nothing of that meeting and while things could have been handled differently, there was no information on its face. >> considering the source. so the source of the information i understand it, i've never met this guy, the source of the information seems to me like a music prompter. i don't look at this guy as sophisticated in the language of the government like you and i would be. and the recipient of the
2:41 am
information, donald trump jr. who i know very well is by no means a sophisticated political activist. this is a guy who loves this father. loves politics because his father got involved but i don't think donald got involved in that level at any other time. you say at the time should that have raised concerns? yes. now you say is it evidence of collusion. the only way it's collusion if he knew about it and if it's correct. we don't know that. >> for you, the discrepancy is whether or not they got that from a higher power? >> i think don junior said if he had to do it over again he would have done it differently? >> how do you do it differently?
2:42 am
is it patriotic to meet with russians? we're learning more news on the shooting of a bride-to-be. and what exactly led to her being shot to death. state investigators spoke with officer haverty who was driving the police vehicle. they say that he told them that he heard a loud noise that startled them just before officer noor hitting her in the and. the other officer isn't talking. officer noor has declined to be interviewed so far. and during a press conference minneapolis mayor betsy hodges is calling on observe noor to tell his side of the story. >> it's frustrating to have some of the picture but not all of it. we cannot compel officer noor to make a statement. i wish we could. i wish that he -- i wish that he
2:43 am
would make a statement, is what i want to say. we can't compel him by law. but i wish he would make that statement. there are big questions left that we still have. and that we hope to have answered soon. >> and investigators say they're looking to speak with the man that officer hardty witnessed what happened. >> and new evacuations under way in california as wildfires threatens thousands. plus, the dangerous heat delivered to much of the country is expanding its reach. bill karins will have all of the details, plus a check of your weather forecast when we return. stay with us. noo
2:44 am
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2:47 am
county has been burned 25,000 acres. 5% contained. they say eight structures have been destroyed since the blaze broke out on sunday. another 1500 are at risk. officials say the flames are threatening the power lines that feed yosemite national park. let's get a check of your weather with meteorologist bill barn cairns. bill, a scary time out. >> yes, with the vegetation that grew and now dried out with the heat, so, we're expecting unfortunately a chance for a lot more fires. the heat is the story for the next four days. it's the hottest period of the summer as advertised it is going to be very hot. excessive heat warnings for a few states. kansas city included. and most areas will be between 95 and 105 with the heat index. that's in the shade. that's going to take into account the temperature and humidity. 104 in st. louis will be one of the hottest spots.
2:48 am
104 not too much normal than your normal day. the other story on the northern edge of these big heat waves, you can get pretty strong thunderstorms. that's expected later on today from today to tonight. aberdeen to lacrosse, that's increased risk. the coverage would be more than yesterday but an isolated storm or two. you see them diving down 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, maybe 11:00. and possible with the thunderstorms. the other story is just the heat. that's really about it. the scattered afternoon storms in the southeast will actually be appreciated to cool you off a lull bit. d.c., 95 today. st. louis, 99 for your high. tomorrow looks even hotter. thursday and friday are the peak of the heat wave.
2:49 am
widespread, 100s in the plains. 102. and then the weekend is cooler but not a lot. it's tough to get cool air from canada. >> also a reminder to check on elderly neighbors in these conditions. >> and the cars. pets and kids in cars. we larry too many tragic stories. still ahead -- one senator reaches across the aisle for the candidate trying to take his job as she comes understa s under a her religion. and chipotle, a new illness scare. and the other stories, driving the business day, still ahead, when we return. ♪ ♪ where all the walls echo with laughter ♪ ♪ and every room has its own chapter ♪ you've carried on your family's tradition.
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welcome back, everyone. republican senator jeff flake is offering words to the woman looking to unseat him as she faces a barrage of attacks for being muslim. she reveal she was attacked on facebook after she supposed her support for separation of church and state. she received hundreds of hurtful responses and these responses have been ongoing. he put "hang in there, sorry you have to put up with this. lots of decent people, you'll find them.
2:53 am
>> and chipotle stocks took a deep. cnbc's vilyam joins us. >> they've decided they're going to buy part of the food product, part of a british firm, it's a $4.2 billion deal. i think the company interestingly are calling themselves the one stop shop for condiment, spice and seasoning needs. you mentioned chipotle there. specifically some not feeling too well at a restaurant in virginia. the firm closed one of its restaurants down there after a severe round of vomiting, diarrhea and i know it's early in the morning, i apologize for that.
2:54 am
the company said it was likely the noro virus, said it was nothing to do with their food change. another firm with bad news is harley davidson. they warned profit margins are going to fail to meet expectations. they're concerned, millennials aren't willing to spend tens of thousands on new motor bikes. their shares fell 7% yesterday afternoon and they have announced they will potentially cut some jobs. >> next time you're in new york, hit me up, i'm see what i can do in terms of the cooking and spices. coming up next, in the wake of the health care collapse, republicans are growifeeling gr
2:55 am
pressure when it comes to fixing the health care system. and john kasich of ohio is one of several state leaders from both sides of the aisle calling for unity in congress. he joins "morning joe" this morning. i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at text "blades" to gillette on demand noo text to reorder blades... ...and get $3 off your first order with gillette on demand.
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2:58 am
all right. before we toss over to "morning joe", let's get a check on the stories in the day ahead. >> hans nichols, good morning. >> good morning. the agenda today is yet another attempt to promote buy america. they're having some sort of certification process, how you validate items made in the usa, actually produced and manufactured here. we'll see to what extent these two other brewing stories, we have this russian investigation, as well as health potentially cloud out the president's preferred agenda. and the white house wants to let
2:59 am
obamacare fail, they're willing to wait until after the 2018 elections, relitigate after the 2018 elections and cop bame bac with a weakened democratic party. if it gets too intense, next week the president heads to ohio. >> and as hans mentioned there, president trump is formulating his strategy for the road ahead for health care. that will include welcoming senate republicans to the white house for lunch, though the white house has not released who will be attending the meeting, only saying health care and other issues are on the agenda. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts now. >> we've had no democratic support. which is something that should be said. we should have had democrats
3:00 am
voting, it's a great plan. we had 54 people. we had four knows. now, we might have had another one in there. the vote would have been pretty close, if you look at it, 48-4. that's a pretty impressive vote by any standard. >> impressive vote by any standard, except for the standard of actually getting your agenda passed. stop us if you've heard this bv before, this morning the effort of health care has totally collapsed. we have mike barnicle, msnbc's steve kornacki, mark halperin and policy editor sam


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